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Preparation Before Fly To India

Arrival flight to Delhi

Your flights which should be arranged to arrive to DelhiAirport between 12ammidnight and 2pm Sunday afternoon. You will be met at the airport at your time of arrival by staff member holding Pari Voluntourism Solutions placard.

Departure flight from Delhi

Programs of all durations finish on the final Saturday and departure flights should be booked to depart the following day (Sunday).

As an example, a four week program starting in Delhi on Sunday 1st May would finish on Saturday 31 May and return flights should be booked for Sunday 30 May. Ideally your flight should depart anytime before 2pm.

Flight details to provide us

  • After booking of the flight please submit the following flight details to us
  • Airline and Flight Number
  • Flight Arrival Date
  • Flight Arrival Time
  • Travel Insurance Policy Number
  • Departure Flight Date
  • Departure Flight Time
  • Travel Insurance
  • It is necessary for you to purchase travel insurance to cover all type of travelling risks .

Visa Appplication

You must apply visa from your home country before departure to the Indian consulate/high commission. If you are applying for your visa by postal application, please apply at least one month (before departing) to ensure that it is issued in time. Visas are generally issued for a six month period from the date of issue and not the date of travel.

You must apply for a Tourist Visa and state tourism as your purpose of travel, not volunteering/employment as this will complicate your application. We will provide accommodation and reference details for your Application as soon as you have been Accepted.

Medical Instructions

  • All volunteers should consult their personal physician or travel health clinic before travelling to India.
  • A water purify is provided at the volunteer house and bottled water can be bought nearby markets.

What to pack before you leave your home country

  • A pair of sandals which are easy to slide on and off.
  • A pair of walking shoes with good grip.
  • Sunscreen and bug spray.
  • Hand sanitiser for when you’re unable to wash your hands.
  • Flashlight is useful during power cuts and for your trek.
  • Plug adaptor (which is the same as Europe: 2 circular prongs).
  • Day pack – for excursions.
  • Facial or baby wipes are perfect to refresh on long journeys.
  • Towel for showering (please not bed linen is provided).
  • Combination lock for locking your luggage when traveling.

Passport – double check your passport and visa and make sure they are both valid through the duration of your stay.

Seasonable items

Cold season (late October- early February) – bring a warm sweater, warm jacket, leggings to wear under trousers, warm socks and closed toe shoes. Do still bring sunscreen for sunny daytime weather.

Wet season (July-August) – take a light raincoat.